Wednesday, July 02, 2014

No Dixie Cups in My House...Saving Money With Glass Jars

There are no Dixie Cups in my home for political, financial and environmental reasons. I am saving money by using recycled glass jars instead of paper cups.

Here's how it works: After I finish up spaghetti sauce, pickles or whatever, I run the empty container through the dishwasher. Recycled and re-purposed old glass jars become new drinking cups, and I have dozens of them. And that means, I'm saving a small bit of the environment and saving money.

A package of 450 5-ounce cups costs about $22. If each person in my family uses 2 cups a day, here's the math:

  • 2 cups x 4 people = 8 cups a day or 56 cups a week.
  • 56 cups x 4 weeks = 224 cups a month.
  • 224 cups a month x 12 months = 2,688 cups a year.
  • 2,688 divided by 450 cups in a package = 5.97 packages.
  • 6 packages x $22 = $132 

So I am saving $132 a year by avoiding paper cups of any brand, especially Dixie Cups--which are affiliated with the Koch Brothers. (I can stand my economic and environmental ground by shopping carefully.) We can all vote with our dollars and good sense. And I vote to save money and save the environment.

Lesson 4 from my frugal recovery: Do the math. Small savings can make a big difference.

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