Wednesday, July 09, 2014

From the Vault: 5 Things to Do When You Get Bored With Being Frugal

My frugal hobby: snapping photos with my iPhone. Digital photography can be low-cost activity for those times when I am bored and looking to spend some quality time without spending a lot of money. But sometimes, the frugal path can be boring. Fortunately, I've found some inspiration in a post I wrote a while ago:

5 Things to Do When You Get Bored With Being Frugal

Turn off the lights. Check the receipt. Clip the coupons. And so on....Being frugal can get old and boring after a bit. 
It's like adding 1 + 1. The answer is simple. Frugal living boils down to one principal: Save more than you make, and the rest is just commentary. But boredom is dangerous. When I get bored with being thrifty, it's easier to fall of the thrift wagon. Here's how I keep frugal living real and fresh.

1. Pay Attention. When I'm fully engaged -- really connected to the here-and-now -- I'm constantly learning and acquiring new insights. When I look for frugal lessons and metaphors on bus rides or radio commercials, the creative spark prompts me to save more money.

2. Check Financial Statements: Reviewing bank statement provides a reality check. If the account looks good, I'm encouraged and energized. If the account is anemic, I've scared myself out of a few frivolous shopping trips.

3. Call Frugal Friends: There are certain friends -- online and in-person -- who really inspire me to save. A conversation with them is like a booster shot.

4. Review Goals: A periodic review of financial and personal goals, usually provides fuel for another savings drive. I am instantly reminded of my plans to build an emergency fund, college savings accounts, a retirement nest egg and even an account for vacations.

5. Invest in Small Treats: Well-timed luxuries provide safeguards against binge spending. For example, my almost daily servings of organic blueberries fills me with a sense of wealth and well-being, and those feelings make me less likely to binge spend. Consider this post: Why Organic Blueberries Make Me Feel Rich

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jetsonjoe said...

Yes...this is indeed an issue...Sometimes when we feel we have it all going so well...we celebrate by spending some money...our cultural influences are strong...and we think everyone is doing the same...
For me...indulging in that Venti double shot latte, no foam, and an expensive just the thing to keep me happy...I can count these treats on half of one hand...I always check to see is my favourite barista is on he knows how I love to have a latte...Expensive as heck...but oh so lovely to taste and drink on a warm and breezy summers afternoon along the river or fountain. Thanks.