Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Why Organic Blueberries Make Me Feel Rich

It's a daily routine that gives my thrifty lifestyle a boost. I have a rich breakfast of organic blueberries with vanilla yogurt spiced with walnuts, almonds and flaxseeds.

That breakfast delivers a shot of vitamins and wealth.Here's why eating organic blueberries makes me feel rich:

  • The Luxury Factor: Even on sale, the purchase of organic blueberries feels like a treat. It's a luxurious investment in my health. (Blueberries are a vitamin-packed snack.) This splurge boosts my health and my wallet. Pampering myself with blueberries makes it less likely for me to splurge on larger expenses. Fueled by inner wealth (and a good breakfast), I'm less likely to spend money in a poverty-driven binge of emotional spending.

  • The Health Kick: Due to the health benefits of organic blueberries, my fruit-and-nut filled breakfast feels like an investment in my long-term health. My logic: Money spent on preventive health today should (G-d willing) translate into reduced medical costs in the future.

  • The Dental Bite: Blueberries are as sweet and tart as my favorite candies, but are less harmful to my teeth. Healthy living and better oral hygiene will save money in the long run.

  • Sweet Dreams: Something about a pint of blueberries makes me smile. I open the plastic, wash off the fruit and instantly feel better. Of course, blueberries are not a cure-all, but the berries remind me that I don't need a lot to be happy because small things -- tiny berries -- really count.


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Indeed, organic food is going to help us feel richer by helping us be healthier. And that means less to spend on medication!