Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Treadmill Vs. The Sweater: How I Spent a Day Without Spending

Monday was a well-spent day. Except for two household bills, I spent the day without spending money. Here's how I halted the money trail.

Limited Breakfast Menu: I had a full breakfast, but the menu was limited to the food that was already in the fridge and in the cupboard. I prepared what I owned, and the menu included: organic vanilla yogurt, blueberries, nuts and a granola bar that was a freebie from some promotion. The coffee was a frugal DIY blend, spiked with half-and-half cream and sweetened with sugar.

  • Free Lunch: My willpower was still strong at noon, and I resisted the urge to buy prepared lunch goodies or even additional DIY fixings. The plate was full from a previous shopping trip.

  • Treadmill vs. The Sweater: Several laps on a treadmill and nearly two miles on a stationary bike fortified my thrifty lunch hour resolve. The half-hour workout depleted the shopping drive, which meant that the cute black sweater from Ann Taylor Loft stayed in the store and out of my shopping bag.

  • Public Transportation: I get around town by taking buses, trains and long walks. My metro pass -- purchased at a discount -- eliminates the daily fumble for bus and train fare.

  • Automatic Door Avoidance: While waiting at the bus stop, I avoided two bakeries, one coffee shop and the automatic doors at CVS and Walgreens. I've learned my lessons from past shopping mistakes.


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