Wednesday, January 28, 2009

And This is Why I Avoid Shopping - A Hijacked Cart

Candy is my gateway drug for higher spending. Tonight, I just wanted a box of Jujyfruits candy for $1.49, but I left with a bill for 10 times that amount: $14.80. My shopping cart was hijacked by poor planning, and I don't plan to make that mistake again.

Here's what how I veered off the frugal path, and here's how I plan to adjust:
  • Candy: Although I feast on organic fruits and vegetables, I have a weakness for Gummi Bears and fruity, chewy candies. In contradiction of my all-natural health values, my sweet tooth involves ingesting lots of artificial colors and flavors. The hidden health and dental costs should prohibit me. I should eat less candy. As a gateway drug, it's clear that my urge to buy a small box of candy has sent me spiraling down the path of greater expenses.

  • Automatic Doors: Why do so many stores have automatic doors? Answer: Even as you try to scoot by without entering, the automatic doors pull you in. And once inside, the cash register is a magnet for your wallet. Solution: Avoid automatic doors and don't take the first step inside of most retail stores.

  • Shopping List: If I had entered the store with a shopping list, I would have left the store with more money. Without a list, I walked around and convinced myself that I needed: Burt's Bees Super Shiny Zesty Red Natural Lip Gloss ($6.99), Women's World magazine ($1.79) and cotton pads for my face ($2.99).

  • Exit Strategy: Once I picked up the box of candy, I should have marched to the cash register and then headed to the red exit sign. The best exit strategy: Do not stop at "Go." Do not linger at "Free Parking." This is real life Monopoly, and the store is high-rent property.


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Anonymous said...

Liked this entertaining story. I put it on twitter Will include it in this week's roundup, too.

GothamTomato said...

Another way stores get you to keep shopping (and spending)??: Music.

Stores have music for a reason: Retail studies (they study every little thing) show that music can keep you in the store. I've fallen for that myself, lots of times. If I'm ready for the register, but there's a song on that I like, I'll keep shopping - often finding other things to buy.

Sometimes that's good. Sometimes that's bad.