Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Honey, Eggs & Olive Oil: Home Day Spa Treatments

A home spa experience is tucked into the family kitchen. I'm 50 years old, wrinkle-free, and some of my favorite beauty products are stored in the refrigerator and food cupboard.

Here's the logic: A lot of expensive facial products use fruit acids, honey and olive oil to promote the removal of dead skin and minimization of fine wrinkles. But why pay a fortune for skin care products spiked with food, when you can opt for do-it-yourself recipes without the harmful preservatives and chemicals that are bundled into some personal care products.

With the following ingredients, I have created home spa treatments for my face and hair.

Tomato and citrus fruits. Slices of tomatoes, oranges and grapefruits promote external and internal health. I slice and eat a bit of the fruit. Step 1: I rub a few of the slices on my face. Step 2: I leave the fruit pulp and juice on my face for 20 minutes. Step 3: Rinse with warm water. Fruit acids brighten the complexion and help your face shed old cells. Test the fruit on a small patch of skin before applying to the entire face.

Honey and eggs. Whether mixed together or applied separately, honey and raw eggs make a great facial mask. Honey tightens pores and moisturizes the skin. And there's nothing like egg or egg whites on your face. Let the food harden and then rinse with warm water.

Olive oil. This oil is a wonder product for beauty treatments. I dab olive oil around my eyes and rub it into my hands. Additionally, warm oil is a great hair conditioner. Indeed, many expensive personal care products feature olive oil. I prefer to buy my supply at supermarkets or gourmet food store for a lot less.

Aloe. One of my favorite home spa treatments comes from the garden on the balcony. I pluck and open a plump leaf from one of our aloe plants. I smear the inner goop on my face and let the green film stiffen for 15 minutes. When I remove the aloe film from my face, my skin feels smoother and tighter.


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Hayden Tompkins said...

I've found that tomato paste is a phenomenal face mask for me. It's like a low key, natural chemical peel. The acids in the tomato have been extremely helpful in dealing with blackheads.

Nikki said...

I will definitely try these spa treatments at home! At the very least I'll smell delicious : )

Nikki said...

I'll definitely try these spa treatments at home! At the very least I'll smell delicious : )