Sunday, January 25, 2009

Weekly Roundup & Frugal Blog Network

Here are a few of the posts that have caught my eye:

From Brunette on a Budget: "Going out of business" doesn't mean the lowest prices

From Young Black and Prosperous: Over $200.00 on Groceries

From Harvesting Dollars: How Much Emergency Fund Is Enough?

From The Diary of a Reformed Spendaholic: Establishing a Routine

From The Smarter Wallet: Would You Go Into Business For Yourself During This Recession?

From Fabulous Financials: How to Get Your Boss to Pay Your Tuition

Favorite Posts from the Frugal Blog Network:

Not Made of Money: Low Cost Healthy Eating: Five Tips for the New Year

Tight Fisted Miser: Google Adsense Revenue Going Down?

Almost Frugal: Inexpensive Ideas for Kids’ Birthday Parties

Frugal Babe: Are You Teaching Your Kids Financial Responsibility?

Frugal Zeitgeist: That's why they call it a stereotype


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Crystal said...

Thank you for the link love! Your book looks fabulous, I may have to pick up a copy!

Laura @ no more spending said...

Hi Sharon and thank you for the link :)