Sunday, January 18, 2009

No Ticket, No TV? How to Watch the Inauguration for Free

A free HBO hookup will help those of us who want to see Barak Obama's inauguration celebration. Free links are ideal for those of us without a television, cable box or tickets to any of the inauguration celebrations in Washington. I plan to closely track inauguration festivities and the Internet is my connection. Here's an inauguration guide for those of us without tickets or television sets.

Free HBO: a live blog post from USA Today reports that "HBO has offered its broadcast to cable providers for free, and is webcasting the event here. " I checked into the HBO webcast, and I was impressed with the photos and the menu of video options, including re-broadcasts of top events. Edited to add: The free HBO broadcast was for the We Are One concert. I will update if HBO offers other free event programs.
C-Span: This C-Span connection offers a full menu of webcasts, videos and photos.

NPR: Tune into your local NPR station or listen to this Internet-based connection. "NPR has the audio streaming here," according to USA Today.

CNN.Com: Here's the pitch about the live webcast from CNN.Com :"Tuesday January 20th, Watch President-elect Barack Obama become the next President of the United States on Live."

Network news. ABC, CBS and NBC will all have a variety of news programs and other specials posted on the Internet. Check out the news videos offered online by the different networks or follow the link to live webcasts. For example, here's the option offered by CBS: "Live Simulcast & Webcast CBS News will be live all day on TV and the Web Tuesday, beginning here with the Early Show at 7 a.m. ET. "

I'll have additional links in later posts.


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~Dawn C said...

You rock with this info, if I have to work on tuesday this will come in handy!

mangthomte said...

thanks FD for the info for O's inauguration... thanks to you i got to witness a great, historic moment in the comfort of my home without TV