Friday, January 09, 2009

Saving Money on the Flip Side: Cutting the Paper Trail

I'm two-faced. It's one of the oldest recycling methods, but being two-faced saves money and reduces waste. I use both sides of the paper when printing or taking notes. Of course, this system does not work if I am writing a formal report or saving sensitive documents.

But for most of our stationary needs, we can use both sides of the paper. Recycled paper is great for note-taking, kids' art projects, rough drafts and other informal printing needs. And I think twice about printing out e-mails, maps and other files.


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Abigail said...

I don't print on both sides, but I keep a pile of printed-on-one-side paper for scribbling notes or other miscellaneous uses.

It also works well when you want to mail a check or (if you must) cash. You can fold it inside the paper and it looks like a regular letter.

pamela said...

I try to keep a pile of printing paper that's only partially used to print on the other side - if only my hubby would cooperate - he can't, tho because so much of his printing is work-related.

Father Sez said...

I have also been doing this for years. And I learnt this from one of my former bosses, one of the richest guys in my country.


Anonymous said...

Yup - I've been re-using paper for's just too darn expensive to waste!

debt relief program said...

These are great ideas! I never really took the time to think about reusing paper before. Hopefully all the money I will be saving on paper will help me out with all my credit card debt!