Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Weighing the Diets: A Financial Guide to Weight-Loss Plans

Every year, consumers spend more than $30 billion on weight-loss programs and products. But what diets offer the best deal for the money and are the safest? The January/February issue of Health magazine has put together a top 10 lists of diets, snacks, supplements and tricks, with a top pick in each category.

"Health magazine harnessed a panel of experts to test more than 60 well-known diets and narrowed them down to the top 10."

Top 10 Healthiest Diets:
1. The Structure House Weight Loss Plan
2. The Step Diet
3. Weight Watchers
4. The Eating Well Diet
5. The Volumetrics Eating Plan
6. The Best Life Diet
7. The Solution
8. You: On a Diet
9. The Sonoma Diet
10. The Spectrum"

source: America’s Healthiest Diets

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1 comment:

Craig said...

Have you tried any of these diets? I would think just reducing what you eat would help save on money. For example, make a meal that will last 2 days.