Wednesday, January 21, 2009

More Ways to Squeeze Savings From Home and Food Products

With a pair of scissors, I clipped a bottle of hair conditioner and baffled my kids.

Why, they wondered, was that bottle cut in half? The explanation was simple. In order to scoop out the last little bit of conditioner I cut the container open. I wrote about this episode in an earlier post: Who Cut Open the Conditioner? I Did to Save Money

It's one of several tricks I have used to yield more from personal care and household products. Here are other ways to extend the shelf life of merchandise:

· Lip gloss and lipstick: Cotton swabs are great for scooping out the remaining flash of color from lipstick tubes or lip gloss containers. A small makeup brush also works well.
· Towels: Many household chores can be accomplished with less paper. Rip paper towels in half before each use.
· Dish-washing liquid: Most liquid soaps, dish and hand soaps, work just as well when diluted with water. Find an empty bottle and fill it with a 50-50 mix of water and soap.
· Salad dressing: Don't throw out the last little bit of hard-to-reach salad dressing. Pour in a dash of vinegar and olive oil to revive a bottle of Italian salad dressing or vinaigrette.
· Honey: Several ounces of warm or hot water will help capture the last dab of honey from a bottle or jar. This method works best if the honey is used to sweeten a beverage or for baking.
· Cut fruit. Pour or squeeze juice (from lemons or oranges) over cut fruit. The citrus acid keeps the fruit fresh in salads or school lunches.
· Nail polish. A few drops of nail polish remover will freshen up a bottle of nail polish that has become stiff or dry. Additionally, it's possible to extend the life of a manicure (salon or home spa special) by coating nails with a clear coat of polish. A manicure will last for over a week, if clear coats of polish are applied every two days.

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