Tuesday, July 01, 2014

Saving Money With Recycled Glass

When it comes to saving money, I should give myself more credit. That's the clear-cut frugal message from more than 50 recycled glass jars in my kitchen. Those containers once held: spaghetti sauce, pickles, olives, mayonnaise and other stuff.

I started saving glass jars because the ocean-front place where I used to live did not have recycling bins. After emptying and washing the jars, I started storing the glass with a plan to find a nearby recycling collection bin. Ha! I did this once or twice, but let me tell you: carting around large bags of glass jars is very hard work.

But in the meantime, I discovered that glass jars have many money-saving uses that are also eco-friendly. Here are a few:

  • Measuring cups: My favorite glass jars come from the Farmer's Garden brand by Vlasic Pickles. The pickles are tasty, and the glass container has measurement markings, which come in handy when I am cooking. The same type of 26-fl. oz jar sells for $2.95 each at some specialty stores. And that's without the pickles. 
  • Trendy drinking jars: There's a popular bar in South Beach that serves drinks in old jars. I also set a festive table with an assorted variety of recycled jars.
  • Pen and marker holders: We store school supplies in empty jars. (Please see photo to the left.)
  • Emergency cash bank:  We toss loose change in to jars. This type of bank is always open for deposits and withdrawals.
  • Random uses:  Storage of seedlings, flowers, toys and buttons. 
How much have I saved with the recycled jars? Stay tuned tomorrow for calculations.

Day 3 Frugal Lesson:  With clarity, examine and celebrate your frugal successes. My recycled jars remind me that despite the setback in my frugal lifestyle, I have had some financial victories. 

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