Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Celebrities: Food Shopping with Kids & My Stress-Free Cart Rules

What do Mira Sorvino and her husband do for fun?

They Shop as a Family!
"Anything can be fun when you are
with you children!" MIRA SORVINO (buying groceries with hubby CHRIS BACKUS, Johnny, 11 months, and Mattea, 2, in L.A. April 21) tells Us [magazine].

Here's the link to the photo in Us magazine.
And here are my rules for food shopping with kids:

  1. First: Try to avoid shopping with kids. Our food bills go up a lot when we bring kids along.
  2. Feed them first. If you have company in the food aisle, make sure they are well-fed before you walk into the store. Hungry kids can be cranky and demanding.
  3. Avoid crowded, peak-hours when you are shopping with kids. Packed stores, full carts and kids are a recipe for disaster.
  4. Avoid nap times. (This advice applies to parents of toddlers and teens)
  5. Have the kids help you make the list. If they help you with the list, they'll be less likely to try to pile extra things on at the store.
  6. Give them a task. Tweens and older kids can be sent into other areas of the store for specific items. Younger kids can help you find things on the shelves. Specific tasks reduce the "gimmes" and give everyone a "cents" of purpose.
  7. Let everyone pick a special fruit. We've also had luck with Popsicle brand firecracker sour Popsicles which don't have artificial colors and sweetened with fruit juice (and a little sugar). This strategy means less of a tug-of-war in the junk aisles.
  8. Give them a math lesson. Let them help with your mental math. Ask them to calculate the savings on coupons and specials.
  9. Provide lessons in frugal living. Show them different prices and values. Have them hunt for good deals.
  10. Give tips in good manners. Thank the cashiers; greet the other employees and be courteous. Help stock the aisles with polite people.



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Anonymous said...

I always try to avoid shopping with my daughter. But sometimes it is necessary. Going shopping I explain her the importance of money and credit cards, because we are at the age when kids begin to be interested in money at play. The best way to explain-show the examples. Your rules can be very helpful. Thank you.

Paul said...

One more rule - try to avoid shopping with your partner when you are not sure in the futre. You will be sorry about your possible wastes.