Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Publicity Hound Offers Tips for Scoring Free Exposure for Your Business

For another story, I interviewed a PR expert and while we were chatting she shared some of her frugal promotional tips, which seemed ideal for my weekly Tuesday Tips feature. I invited her to send me a guest column and here are some of her thrifty pr tips.

"8 ways to generate free publicity online and offline

Publicity expert Joan Stewart, also known as The Publicity Hound, offers these tips to anyone who wants to promote a product, service, cause or issue--even on a shoestring budget:

1. If you do business in your own community, post to Craigslist (www.Craigslist.org), the giant community bulletin board that’s almost entirely free. It may get more readership than your local daily newspaper.

2. Target beat reporters who work at daily and weekly newspapers, magazines and business journals in your own community, and share story ideas that would interest their readers.

3. Don’t forget about the free weekly shoppers that show up in newspaper tubes. They are often great places to publicize routine news like events hosted by local organizations.

4. Trying to get onto TV? Provide user-generated video of your event. Many TV stations now make it possible for you to upload video taken with your digital camera or camcorder directly to their websites. Also post to YouTube at www.YouTube.com

5. Drive-time radio deejays love fun contests and promotions. If you have an unusual product or service, call the station and give away products or gift certificates as prizes.

6. Post free articles to the many free online article directories like EzineArticles.com (www.EzineArticles.com). Not only do these articles link back to your website, but they are available for other publishers, editors and website owners to use.

7. Create your own day, week or month of the year and post it for free at Chase’s Calendar of Events at www.mhprofessional.com/category/?cat=3

8. Write press releases and post them online for consumers, not only for journalists. Sign up for the free email tutorial "89 Ways to Write Powerful Press Releases" at www.PublicityHound.com/pressreleasetips/art.htm

Publicity expert Joan Stewart, also known as The Publicity Hound, publishes "The Publicity Hound’s Tips of the Week," a free weekly on how to generate free publicity. Subscribe at her website at www.PublicityHound.com. She blogs about publicity topics at www.PublicityHound.net"



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