Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Odd & Frugal Uses for a Bar of Soap

From grooming nails to taking the itch out of bug bites, a simple bar of soap has many odd and frugal uses. I found these uses in a recent issue of First for Women magazine:

1. Dirt-proof garden nails: Pull your fingernails over a soap bar before you start digging up your garden. The soap scum will keep dirt from getting in the crevices of your nail bed. Rinse after gardening.

2. Anti-itch: Rub a moist bar of soap over a bug bite. Let the film dry on your skin. The soapy chemicals will take the itch out of the bite.

3. Natural pesticide: With a potato peeler, shave a soap over the flowers, fruits and veggies in the garden. This step should scare off garden pests, according to the magazine.

4. Sewing guide. Narrow slivers of soap are great for marking up a garment that you are hemming or sewing. The soap marks will wash out and you'll have no need to buy sewing chalk.

I'll add additional uses on Thursday night after I return online from a religious holiday: Shavout.



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Anusha W. said...

I've also used a bar of soap to ease bad foot cramps ... believe it or not! Sometimes it doesn't work, but most times it does: rub a (dry) bar of soap on the spot that's cramped, and it should disappear.

I read about this in a Dear Abby column. It's worked for both me and my elderly grandfather.