Friday, May 11, 2007

Frugal But Great Gifts for Mother's Day

My Mom just called and told me about a great Mother's Day gift idea she heard about today on Oprah. On the show, (A Mother's Day Special), one woman requested a letter from her children as a Mother's Day gift. She only wanted words on a page, plus a 39-cent stamp.

That frugal-but-meaningful gift idea prompted me to create this list of gift tips for Mother's Day.

  1. Family Cookbook: Have every kid in the family contribute a recipe for their favorite food, with a story about a family event related to that recipe. Add illustrations, photos or other scrap book items.
  2. Vacation Memory book: I have great memories of family vacations from my childhood. I'm sure my mother would love to have a collection of short vignettes based on the different family trips.
  3. Calendar: Using the computer, it's possible to have create a calendar filled with a memory a month, with each month honoring something special about Mom.
  4. Lunch with Mom: Take your mom to lunch or make a lunch filled with her favorite foods.
  5. Favorite book: Find a copy of a book your mom read with you when you were a child. Record your voice or a voice of a child reading the book. When I was little my mom read a book with me about Tip the Dog. I was about four and we were reading the book in our old house in Philadelphia. We were sitting near a radiator on the second floor. It was cold outside, but our house was warm. That's how I learned to read.

I also enjoyed reading this recent column from writer Ana Veciana-Suarez from the Miami Herald. She wants her kids to do garden work on Mother's Day or offer some other non-retail store gift.

"I don't want one more blouse in my closet, one more perfume on my dresser or one more piece of jewelry to display. I own all the possessions I desire, an enviable position that has little to do with affluence and plenty with maturity and acceptance.

What I want -- oh, what I want! -- is rarely something you can buy. In this age of conspicuous consumerism, that may be difficult to imagine.
--Ana Veciana-Suarez

Happy Mother's Day Mom. Thanks for being a steady source of love & inspiration.
And same to you Dad!

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domestika said...

Sharon, good list. I love that book idea, especially!