Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Jason Priestly Bulks Up at Costco & Things I Love 'n Hate about Big Box Stores

Check out actor Jason Priestly's shopping cart during a recent trip to Costco. In this photo (third down on the right column) from Us Magazine, Priestly has a cart filled with bulk purchases.

"You name it, I can cook it!" JASON PRIESTLEY (grabbing paper products and other groceries at a Hollywood Costco May 31) has said. "--Us Magazine June 18, 2007)

His cart contained: Huge packages of paper towels, bath tissue, detergent, OJ, a mop, plus lots of other stuff.

His overstuffed cart reminded me of the why I love and hate big box outlets.

Why I Love Bulk Outlets

1. Beautiful produce. In my neighborhood, there's a rumor that one very posh gourmet store gets all of its produce from Costco. Apparently, the buyer from the posh store picks the prettiest and lushest Costco produce, which is re-sold at big-ticket prices at the posh store. A friend of mine has even spotted organic produce at Costco.

2. Great gifts: A friend of mine always finds great gifts and crafts at Costco. She has a great gift closet.

3. The big packages: There's something very comforting about a supply closet stocked with enough paper towels, tissues and detergent to last for at least three weeks.

4. The books: Bestsellers are cheap, cheap, cheap at Costco. Of course, it's cheaper to just borrow a copy from a friend or the library.

5. Gas. Some Costco locations and BJ's Wholesale sell gas at super cheap prices.

Why I don't Love Big Box Stores:

1. The membership fee. Why do I have to pay to shop?

2. The random purchases and treasure finds. Some of my friends always come home from big box stores with random merchandise that they don't really need.

3. The unit price watch: Don't assume the big bulk purchases are the best deals. You have to do the math. Some of the so-called bulk deals are actually more expensive than the smaller packages.



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HustlerMan said...

I guess i rather go to Costco than Walmart anyday.