Friday, August 03, 2007

Links I Liked: My Favorite Posts for the Week

The value of credit unions, an anti-procrastination cheat sheet, the benefits of tap water and the perks of constant education are a few of the topics that caught my eye this week:

From The Simple Dollar: Seven Ways To Save Money While Cooperating With Your Neighbors - And How To Get Started

From Queercents: The Anti-Procrastination Sheet

From Free Money Finance: Boost Your Career with Professional Classes and Save Thousands Each Year with One Simple Step

From Financial Freedumb: Money Spent On Anti-Terror Or Infrastructure…Which Would Have Been Wiser?

From Wise Bread: Power Shop Your Way to Financial Independence: Eleven Strategies for Success

From calgirlfinance's journey to financial freedom: Drink Tap Water and Things I Do to Save Money



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