Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Update #3: Triple-Digit Savings on The Vet Bill: $2 Savings Challenge

Under my new savings challenge, my daily target is to save $2. That's the minimum, but sometimes even a small target can produce big results. For instance, while I'm running around the house collecting coins and giving up my daily 99-cent bag of Lays Chips, my husband has started to brainstorm for ways to capture larger savings.

Today he saved on the vet bill. Our dog Scruffy really, really needed annual shots. Our vet would have charged about $207 for a round of five shots. But at our local branch of the Humane Society, we paid only $54 for that same pet medical care. Savings: $153.

(Yesterday, for example, he found a way to save $500 on our telephone/Internet bill over a six-month period. On a daily basis that works out to a savings of $2.58 per day.)

Meanwhile, I found a copper penny on the carpet. I didn't buy junk food. I didn't buy any new clothes. But then again, other than walking the dog, I didn't really leave the house today.

Day Three Recap
one penny (found coin)
$2.58 daily portion of $500 telecommunications savings

$153.00 vet bill savings.
Day Three Savings: $155.59

Year-to-Date Total: $163.34


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Bill J said...

I love this challenge. I have a question though -- did you already have that $200 budgeted for the vet? Or is the $153 coming in from your regular monthly household expenses, etc?

Just curious.

Sharon Harvey Rosenberg said...

Hey Bill:

Thanks for your comment.
The Vet bill for the shots caught us by surprise.

When we first adopted the dog, we weren't aware of the ongoing costs of a pet.

So that $153 savings will be earned from our general budget. Next year, we will budget for pet medical visits, etc.

I'm glad that we found a frugal option to the $200 vet charge.

Thanks so much for writing.
Take care.