Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Unusual Uses for Ice Cube Trays & My Ice Coffee Recipe

Sometimes my ice trays get too dinged up to use in the freezer. But I can think of several money-saving, time-preserving uses for those old ice trays: The little stackable compartments are great for storing coins, buttons and other trinkets.

New trays--super cheap-- at the dollar store can also be used for several organizational and culinary purposes. In my kitchen, we even use ice trays to prepare gourmet iced coffee drinks. Here's how:

1. Take brewed black coffee. (We use the extra coffee in the pot, which is also great --when cooled-- for darkening grey hair.)
2. Pour the coffee into an ice tray and freeze the tray.
3. As needed, pop out the coffee cubes and toss them into a blender.
4. Add in sugar, cream, milk, Cinnamon, vanilla or chocolate.
5. Blend the mixture
6. Pour the drink into a tall glass. Add whip cream and a straw.

The August 28 issue of Woman's World also has some great tips for ice trays. Here's a summary of that magazine's list.

  • Office supply tray: Stash stamps, paperclips and thumbtacks in an ice tray.
  • Paint holder: Use the compartments to hold and separate the small portions of paint during a craft or DIY project. (This seems great for painting furniture.)
  • Pre-packaged cookie dough holder: Mix up the cookie dough, then freeze and store pre-measured, but unbaked cookie dough in the compartments of the ice tray. Remove the cookie dough cubes for baking as needed.
  • Loose Change: An ice cube tray represents a low-tech, old-school cash register that is more organized than a jar of change.


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Anonymous said...

They're also great for freezing small amounts of things you don't use a lot of, such as tomato paste, or cut up fresh herbs, put in tray, cover with water and freeze. An easy addition to soups, sauces, etc. Then just pop them out and into a freezer bag.

J said...

How do you get the cookie dough or tomato paste out of the tray. Last week I tried to freeze small portions of ice cream in tray and the ice cream stuck to the sides and I couldn't get it out as one whole piece. It would be just enough ice cream for an after dinner treat and keep me away from the temptation to eat more. I'd appreciate any suggestions.