Wednesday, February 06, 2008

All You Magazine: 36 Ways to Save $1,000 on Groceries & More

This guest post from All You magazine provides a thoughtful list of different ways to save over $1,000 on gas and groceries.

"With food and gas prices rising and talk of a recession, ALL YOU magazine offers 36 simple strategies for saving money including 10 ways to cut grocery costs, ways to spend less on your mortgage, entertainment, bank fees, and more. This story is featured in the February issue of All You.


1. GET IN AND GET OUT QUICKLY. Statistics show that after 30 minutes of shopping, you’ll spend 50 cents for each additional minute you’re in the store. Stick to your list and you’ll save about $60 a month.

2. EAT OUT OF YOUR PANTRY. Take an inventory of what’s lying around your pantry and plan meals around those items. You’ll not only get rid of lingering groceries, you’ll reduce your shopping list for the week.
3. KNOW YOUR PRICES. Keep a list of the items you buy often and their cost. You’ll know when you’re getting a bargain.

4. BUY SALE ITEMS. Build your grocery list around sale products. If one of your nonperishable household staples (such as canned goods) is on special, buy extra.

5. USE COUPONS. Clip coupons in store flyers, newspapers, and magazines at websites such as,, and

6. CHOOSE GENERIC. Trim 10 percent off your bill with store brands; they’re often the same as name brands where it matters – inside the box.

7. SHOP SEASONALLY. Fruits and veggies taste better – and are often cheaper – when they’re in season. Substitute frozen or canned varieties for out-of-season produce.

8. FIND A BAKERY OUTLET. Pay $1 for a loaf of bread instead of $3. Outlets generally don’t sell outdated goods, so bread won’t go bad any sooner than a grocery store loaf would.

9. CHECK YOUR RECEIPT. Cashiers can make mistakes that cost you money, so look over your receipt before leaving the store.


10. AGGRESSIVE DRIVING WASTES GAS AND LOWERS GAS MILEAGE. Save 14 to 94 cents per gallon by driving without attitude.


12. ELIMINATE ONE TRIP TO THE MOVIES PER MONTH ($30 for two, including treats) and you’ll save $360 a year.

13. SLASH INSURANCE COSTS. Just raising your deductible from $250 to $500 can save you 10% on your premiums.

14. GO TO THE LIBRARY. Besides books you can also borrow magazines and movies.

15. PROGRAM YOUR THERMOSTAT. A programmable thermostat can save you $150 per year in heating bills."

This link has the rest of the list, which includes tips on mortgages and entertainment

Sharon Harvey Rosenberg is the author of The Frugal Duchess of South Beach: How to Live Well and Save Money... Anywhere!, which will be published in the Spring of 2008 by DPL Press.


RacerX said...

Using cash saved us over 33% on our grocery bill. We also take 10-20% of our food budget to buy ahead on store weekly loss leaders! Probably saved 10-15% there as well!

Chris said...

Another great way to save a few bucks is to buy discounted gift cards. There's a large listing of them at that includes some of the more well known stores and restaurants.