Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Favorite Picks from the Festival of Frugality at No Credit Necessary

Consumer brand-loyalty traps, frugal exercise and an excellent primer about buying a frig. Those are a few of the great posts featured in the Festival Of Frugality #114, which is up at No Credit Necessary.

Thanks to the host for putting together such a great carnival. Thanks for including my post in the mix. Here are a few articles that caught my eye:

Free From Broke: The Frugality of Our Feet. Walking is a healthy, frugal and entertaining activity. I enjoyed this post.

Cheap Healthy Good: Food, Frugality, and Fighting Brand Loyalty A behind-the-scenes look at the costs of brand marketing from a media professional. This post made me think about my buying habits.

Chief Family Officer: We bought a new washer and paid 35% less than MSRP CFO purchased an energy-efficient washing machine at a discount. Her post includes helpful links, research insights and a purchase action plan.

Thanks again to NCN for being such a great host!



Free From Broke said...

I'm glad you enjoyed. Thanks for the link!

Chief Family Officer said...

Thanks for mentioning my post, Sharon!