Monday, February 11, 2008

Hey Mommy: This Toy is Trying to Make Me Buy It

Yesterday during a mother-and-daughter movie date (Hannah Montana: Best of Both Worlds/3-D), we popped into a Sharper Image store, where a Robopanda toy ($150 full price/$90 on sale) began talking to my 10-year-old daughter. Talking Panda say what? Here's the script:

Panda: Can you help me down?
(My daughter reaches for the toy. She thinks it's cute. I'm re-thinking the wisdom of browsing through a store with lots of fun, but pricey gadgets.)

Panda: Hold me with both arms so that I can get down.
(My daughter picks it up)

Panda: "Oh...where are we going?"
(My daughter laughs)

Panda: "Are we there yet?"
My daughter: "Is this toy trying to make me want to buy it?

Her review: It's a cute toy. It makes sure you exercise. (The robot has an interactive exercise program that prompts you to exercise and stretch with the Panda.)

My daughter's final verdict: "I'm not taking you home," she says to the Panda. "You'll be talking all night."

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