Sunday, November 09, 2008

My Son's BOGO Clothes: a Library for Hip-Hop Teen Fashion

My teenage son's wardrobe is a mix of hip-hop elegance and edgy, preppy fashion. To look hot and save money, he and a buddy have started a clothes co-op, featuring fashion from American Eagle, Abercrombie & Fitch, Gap and other teen-trendy-friendly stores.

Here's how it works: My son and one of his best friends are the same size. At age 16, their tastes in clothes include flavor-of-the month fashions and a few classics. Well-trained in red-tag specials, they like to buy stuff on sale. But during one recent mall outing, they had a frugal AHA! moment, based on the following realization:

Let's get more for our money --or pay less -- by splitting the costs of clothes and then sharing the items. It's a real BOGO (Buy-One-Get-One Free) wardrobe deal. Their collection of shared items includes sunglasses, jeans, shirts, hats, belts, chains and more.

"We decided that because we're the same size, we might as well share a lot of our stuff," my son told me this morning when I asked for permission to write this post. "We get double the wardrobe."

More importantly, the kids aren't wasting a lot of money on trendy stuff that is hot-hot-hot on Wednesday and outdated by Saturday. The borrowing system works because they live in the same area and stay in touch about the items in the clothes library:

"Sometimes, he'll just call me up and tell me: 'I'm going to a party tonight, I really want those jeans,' " my son explained when we chatted about how the system works.


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Saver Queen said...

That is so smart and cute. It reminds me of my sister and I growing up (we're identical twins). We had double the wardrobe because we were the exact same size and had the same taste! We only ever had to buy one of something. We did this until we were about 17 or 18 and started to develop our own style.

Chief Family Officer said...

Sounds like he's a chip off the block! :)