Friday, November 07, 2008

Online Book Tour: Paid Twice Hosts Depression Era & The Duchess

My parents were born during the Depression and that reality has shaped my life. That topic is featured at I've Already Paid Twice, the host of the current stop of the Frugal Duchess online book tour: The Frugal Duchess Book Tour At PaidTwice.

Here's why the host uses the title Paid Twice:
The title “I’ve Paid For This Twice Already…” refers to the fact that anything I bought with my credit cards, I have probably paid at least the purchase price all over again in interest by now. So in essence I’ve paid for it twice (if not three times by now… ugh). It was a cold hard realization to me that all the effort and time I have spent shopping for a “good deal” means about zero when I charge the purchase and start paying interest on it. -- I've Already Paid Twice

Thanks to Paid Twice for hosting the book tour. I appreciate the time, space and attention.

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