Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Cover Your Assets: 4 Ways to Protect Your Job

Feeling insecure on the job? Join the crowd. After watching friends, strangers and associates receive layoff notices, it's easy to feel nervous about the future. Bulletproof Your Job: 4 Ways to Stay Employed, by a writer, provides excellent insights.
Writer Stephen Viscusi asserts that in this atmosphere, "You must understand that your job is your most valuable asset -- and your primary objective is to protect it."
--Bulletproof Your Job: 4 Ways to Stay Employed

Here are the four tips:
  1. Stay visible. Work long hours, dress well, pay attention to details and volunteer for projects.

  2. Be low-maintenance: Don't complain and watch your tongue.

  3. Volunteer: Network, be a mentor for younger employees, develop multiple skill sets.

  4. Have a Plan B: Save money, keep your resume current and join professional organizations.

My own advice: Develop multiple sources of income and revenue. Hobbies, second jobs and freelance projects can provide financial and professional cushions.

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