Saturday, November 15, 2008

Online Book Tour: My Dream House Musings at Blogher

Why haven't I purchased my $2.6 million dream home? (See answers below). My dream home is a central theme in my Frugal Duchess book and in the spotlight at Blogher, the latest host of the online book tour. At Blogher, Paula Gregorowicz offers a Frugal Duchess book review. Here's a snippet of the review:

In the book, Sharon weaves her tips through the tale of her own journeys by using her Dream House as the main character of the book. There is a Mediterranean mansion in her neighborhood that she covets.

She first fell in love with it in the mid-1990's when the asking price was $425,000. As of March 2007 it was listed for $2.6 million. Needless to say quite a bit of appreciation given its prime neighborhood in Miami. Sharon knows this house in great detail and shares her musings in a way that would make any Law of Attraction vision board guru proud. As the book wore on I was just dying to know whether she ever achieved her goal of owning the Dream House which had taken on a life of its own. --Frugal Duchess book review

Here are a few reasons why I haven't purchased my Dream Home:

1. I am still saving for a down payment

2. The price continues to drop and I am waiting for real estate to bottom out in my neighborhood.

3. I won't buy a home until I also have a home emergency fund. My siblings and friends have stressed the importance of having a home fund to cover emergencies, repairs and other costs related to home ownership.

Thanks to Paula for hosting the online book tour and thanks for providing the wonderful insights about the bottom-line message of my book. [Read her review for the summary.] Here's a little bit about her:

Paula Gregorowicz, is a life coach for women who can teach you to become comfortable in your own skin and boost your bottom line. Get the free 12 part eCourse "How to Be Comfortable in Your Own Skin" at her website and start taking charge of your own success.

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Paula G said...

Hi Sharon,

Thanks so much for recognizing my review! Appreciate it! I also created a lively discussion on Queercents around your Cost-per-Wear matrix

Fun stuff! Thanks for the most enjoyable book!