Sunday, September 02, 2007

Have You Been "Scraped?" Seeking Advice

Thank you Mapgirl. In this comment she let me know that I had been "scraped." I didn't know what it was. Maybe, I thought, "scraped" was like one of those online tag games, which are fun. But noooo. I went to the link and was surprised to see my blog entry: Copied. Hmmmm? Is this flattery or just theft?

So I am seeking advice. What is this? Have you been scraped and what have you done about it?


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Chris said...

I am the owner of My website is basically a collection of the best blogs I have found online related to real estate, home organization, and personal finance. I subscribe to your RSS feeds and share them on my website. I enjoy your articles and basically the RSS feed just shows your article as presented in the feed. All of your links are kept intact and the links to more information go directly to your post on your blog. If you would like me to remove the feeds, please let me know and I will do so immediately. I apologize if this has been an inconvenience.

Chris Pace
Owner -

Sharon Harvey Rosenberg said...

Chris: Thanks for your comment.
I'm glad that you like my blog.
I appreciated the mention. : )

I think that I was concerned because I could not find the link back to my blog.

The permanent link took me back to your page. Once that's corrected, I'm totally cool and appreciative with the mention.
Thanks for the highlight.
Take Care & Best Wishes,

phantomdata said...

Ouch. That sucks. Mr. Pace isn't "sharing" feeds on his web-site, he's pretending that they are his feeds. He even claims copyright on your work at the bottom of his page. These kinds of scum need to be kept off the Internet.

Depending on what access blogger gives you, I would outright ban his IP And that of his web-site @ I'm not sure where he does his scraping from, but you could probably figure it out from looking through your logs. It also looks like he's using httpeasy hosting, who's rock-bottom pricing precludes them from even having a web-site. There's a forum @ where you might be able to lodge a use complaint. However, Chris might really be Mr. Andy Rockwell ( who seems to own/(do the technical work for) httpeasy and solidphp.

I wouldn't take this lightly Sharon. While Chris might be acting nicely here, his rss-scraper speaks differently. He probably doesn't bother replacing your links because he lacks in technical ability, not out of "courtesy". Also note that none of the comment or header links return to your site - and no credit is given except your author name.

Have some fun with him. You're on to him. Try a javascript redirect for fun. You can embed it into your posting, it won't be honored by RSS clients and you can tailor it to only redirect from his web-site. If you want some help getting this setup, let me know here. I'll keep an eye on this thread.

Sharon Harvey Rosenberg said...


Thanks! Your comments were helpful and validating. My email is:
Can we chat?

phantomdata said...

I sent an e-mail to your account.

Anonymous said...

Hey Sharon. About two months ago, I wrote up a post on blog plagiarism over at Daily Blog Tips. Hopefully that will help answer your dilemma.