Sunday, September 16, 2007

Links I Liked: My Favorite Posts for the Week

Here are a few of my favorite posts from other bloggers filed over the past week:

From The Frugal Law Student: Save over $1440 A Year By Brown Bagging It

From Single Ma's Fabulous Financials: Misconceptions About Saving Money

From Mapgirl's Fiscal Challenge: UGH. My Teeth are KILLING ME

From Chief Family Officer: Saving $480 per year vs. Full freedom of choice

From Frugal For Life: 10 Ways To Save An Emergency Fund

From Adult ADD And Money: Is your ADHD to blame for your money issues?



The Frugal Duchess Booktique
The Frugal Duchess of Beauty Store

Book Shop of Fear
The Poetry & Drama Queen
Frugal Jazz & Blues
Frugal Comic Book Connection


John M said...

Thank You for the mention.

mapgirl said...

Thanks for the link!

Single Ma said...

Thanks for the nod Sharon. I'm going to check out those other fabulous links.

Chief Family Officer said...

Thanks for the mention, Sharon!

Laura said...

Okay, this one caught my eye. I just have to click on a couple of these links.