Thursday, September 20, 2007

How We Saved $375 on a Digital Camera

After toting around a huge digital camera that is held together by tape, my husband and I were overdue for a new digital camera. (An important tool for both of us).

Over the course of one year, the Sony digital camera that we wanted to buy has dropped from the original price of $510 (in 2006) to the current price of $135.

My husband purchased the camera today at Office Depot, which was having one of its big clearance sales. It's pretty sleek and works better for us. Our old camera (purchased in 2002) is about the size of a brick and is now the property of my 9-year-old daughter, who is appreciative of her new gadget.

So that 's my entry for the $2 a Day Savings Challenge.
Today's tally: $375.


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Clever Dude said...

I know this is semantics, but does spending to save money constitute true savings of money? After reading your purpose article for the experiment, I think you want to find ways to cut $2 a day out of your spending and put it in savings. Saving money by spending isn't quite the same.

I would think saving means cutting things you're currently spending money on (e.g. cable bill, other subscriptions, groceries) rather than new things.

Sharon Harvey Rosenberg said...

Hey Clever Dude:

Good point. We have cut our phone bill ( by over $500 for the next six-month period) and I have posted other savings.

This only counts because we were already planning to buy the camera and my husband shopped and waited for the right deal.

But I hear your point and I appreciate the feedback.