Wednesday, September 19, 2007

My Favorite Picks from the 92st Festival of Frugality

No Credit Needed (NCN) has hosted the 92nd Festival of Frugality. It's an excellent lineup and with so many great posts, it was hard to pick favorites. But here are a few posts that caught my eye:

From Blueprint For Financial Prosperity: Financial Goals & Frugality

From Five Cent Nickel: High Electric Bills and the Battle Against Increasing Energy Costs

From AskDong: Pouring a last glass of Gatorade for a while

From Mom Advice: A His & Hers Gift to Remember

From Gather Little By Little: Using Craigslist to earn money.

From Raising4Boys: How to Build a Double (or Single) Desk on the Cheap

From Everything Finance: Saving on homeowners’ insurance.

From The Digerati Life : Gracious & frugal house guests.

Thanks to the host for compiling such a great festival and including my post:(tips for buying refurbished items.)


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The Poetry & Drama Queen
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glblguy said...

Thanks for the link!

dong said...

Always appreciate the link. Thanks.

Amy said...

Thanks for the link, Sharon!