Tuesday, September 25, 2007

How to Avoid Double-Billing at the Supermarket: Another Tale of the Tape

It's an honest mistake, but we almost paid for it. At supermarkets, some cashiers accidentally, but frequently ring up the same merchandise twice. Yesterday, we were billed twice (a total of $7.10) for a container of Florida Brown Crystal Sugar. My husband caught the error and had the cashier fix the double-billing.

Here's what happens:

1. While making a gesture with her hands, the cashier accidentally waved the sugar over the electronic eye, which registered the price.

2. Unaware that the item had already been added to the tally, she rang it up a second time.

3. Bottom line: We were hit twice for a single item.

"I can't tell you how many times I've caught them doing that," my husband says of the double-scanning cashiers. "They don't do it on purpose. But it does happen a lot."

Everyone makes mistakes: People are busy; stores are crowded; mistakes happen. It's our job to watch the tape.

It's another entry for my $2 a Day Savings Challenge.


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Ross said...

Avoiding this problem is simply a matter of paying attention when you're at the checkout. You can catch this sort of problem without re-reading the receipt and possibly getting the checker in trouble. Besides, it's always a good idea to pay attention when there's money involved!

Lisa said...

You know as a former grocery store cashier,we were urged to scan as fast as we could. There were actually contests for the the fastes scanning cashier....

Tracy said...

You also have to watch for items that ring up the wrong price altogether. That happens to me all the time!

Marsha said...

You should also make sure that the cashier rings up produce correctly. They often need to key in the product code, but they need to know what the item is to key in the correct code. Recently I had my kale rung up as curly leaf lettuce, which I didn't catch until I got home. It was only a 10 cent difference, but it could have been much more.

Kimberly said...

I'm always going back to get something fixed on my receipt. I always think I'm going to watch while they are scanning but then I start talking or digging for my card and forget. But I try and always look at my receipt before I leave. A few weeks ago I didn't and noticed I had been charged two times for a 99 cent item. In the whole scheme of things 99 cents isn't that much but it ate at me for days :)