Friday, September 07, 2007

Links I Liked: My Favorite Posts for the Week

Here are a few of my favorite posts for the week:

From No Credit Needed:Planning For A Trip With The Kids

From Give Me Back My Five Bucks: Breaking down the cost of taking a vacation

From DealBook: Debt Chill Could Last, Banker Says

From Money, Matter and More Musings: A Little Pizza Problem and Stop Going Crazy With Birthday Parties For Kids

From Consumerism Commentary: Accidental Landlords

From Zen Habits: 72 ways to simplify your life. (recently featured in: Consumerist)

From Consumerist: Hardballs: Get Your Complaint Resolved By Posting It To The Company's Stock Forums

From My Two Dollars: Book A Trip Through Expedia, Only Pay Half?



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golbguru said...

Sharon, thanks for mentioning those articles. Remember me when you go out for pizza next time. :)