Friday, August 15, 2008

Busting Myths about "Old" Analog TV Sets

"Don't fall for the following myths about the upcoming switch from analog to digital television broadcasting, set for February 17, 2009," according to the folks at the Center for a New American Dream, a consumer watchdog group.

Here's the Center's list of myths and explanations:

"Myth #1: I need a digital converter box.
Probably not! Unless you are watching free, over-the-air broadcasting with the help of “rabbit ears,” on a TV purchased before March 2007 that does not have a built-in digital tuner, you do not need to buy or use a digital converter box. Read more.

Myth #2: I need to buy a high–definition television to benefit from this switch to digital.
You won’t notice a major difference in image quality. If you were already planning to buy a new television set, earn back the cash in electricity savings with an ENERGY STAR model. Read more.

Myth #3: I can just put the old set out on the curb.
The average television is used for less than two years--don't let yours end up in the landfill. Donate working machines and recycle broken sets. Read more."


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Denice Rhodes said...

Many people are still confused about the transition to digital television, so thanks for providing accurate information.

Our non-profit, the Urban Progressive Foundation has been actively working with seniors and other groups to provide straight, clear and understandable information to help them through the transition.
I also went to Wilmington, North Carolina for the first full blown transition test-run.
Visit my blog and website for more information.