Sunday, August 24, 2008

Early Death & Dying Printers: Weekly Reading: My Favorite Links

Frugal fixes for printers, Tropical Storm Fay and early death. Those are a few of the financial topics that caught my eye this week:

From The Digerati Life: No Bank Account? Big Problem

From Frugal Freedom: Money For Now Or Later?

From Get Rich Slowly: Fix Your Own Printer and Save Money

From The Budget Fashionista: Personal Finance Advice: Are You Scaling Back Yet?

From Mommy's Got Green: Florida "Fay"-tigue

From Millionaire Mommy Next Door: Why Women Need More Money Than Men -- and What Can Be Done to Make It Happen

From Dual Income No Kids: $50,000 in 5 Years

By the way, check out my answers to various questions --blogging, money, gender and shoes --at the Wise Bread Forum: Ask the Frugal Duchess a question! (Women of Personal Finance Spotlight) Thanks!


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Anonymous said...

Thanks, Sharon, for the mention of my article! (Great job on the WB spotlight, btw)

The Digerati Life said...

Thank you Sharon! For some reason, I did not get this trackback but got a scraper's trackbac, realized it was yours, then found this post...

Complicated, but I got here! :) Thanks again, and great job with the WB interview... it was fun wasn't it?