Friday, August 29, 2008

Stay Real & Other Advice from Women for the Next President

ALL YOU magazine a Time Inc. publication recently surveyed 4,500 readers about the 2008 election and asked readers to provide advice for the next President and First Lady. Here are some of the answers:

• “Take care of my family as if it were your own.”
• “Listen to the people. They are your voters.”
• “Stay in touch with the needs of average Americans.”
• “Please think of the 'common American.' Hard working, family oriented, trying to get by.”
• “I'd tell them to not be afraid of making mistakes, and acknowledging those mistakes. If a mistake is made, it's important to acknowledge it, and to change courses.”
• “Be specific on how my family's life is going to improve or change. How are you going to keep us safe?”
• “Remain true to the ideals that were used to fashion our country from the very beginning.”• “Write down what you are saying you will do -- and then check that list frequently!”
• “Stay real.”


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