Friday, August 01, 2008

Nix It or Fix It: How to Save Stuff from Landfills

"Fix it or nix it — Can you save it from the landfill?" That's the question (with frugal money-saving, green-living options) from the Center for New American Dream:

Their Answer:
Yes, if it's still useful for you or someone else (either whole or in parts). Sometimes, however, a newer product would be more efficient or cost-saving in the long run.

Many of our belongings end up in the trash prematurely. Get more information on green repairs around your home, and share your repair ideas with us on the Living Green Below Your Means blog.

Fix or Nix Examples:

Appliances: Find out how much energy you’ll save from replacing with an Energy Star efficient model. Put your old refrigerator to the test (and find recycling centers).

Ipods: These handy devices are frequently replaced when they break or become obsolete. The good news is you can send off your Ipod to be fixed, send it in to a takeback program, or use do-it-yourself tutorials to troubleshoot common problems.

Shoes: Find how to resole them, donate them, or repurpose them."


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