Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Brooke Hogan: Lessons from Payless Shoes & Anti-$500-Pump Rants!

I like the South Beach section of Miami Beach and some of the most fashionable people I know, shop at a Payless shoe store in the heart of the trendy South Beach shopping district.

In fact, this photo of Brooke Hogan browsing in Payless seems to be taken at the Payless store where I also shop. (Through a friend of a friend, my oldest son met Brooke at a VH-1 party at her Miami Beach home. And yeah, she's really tall.) featured a shot of Brooke in Payless, followed by a number of snarky comments about Brooke's Payless shopping trip from some readers. The anti-frugal crowd ranted and laughed about why she was so cheap to shop at Payless. What's next: Clothes from Sears?

Fortunately, there were a few sensible commenters, who realized the importance of a good value. Why do you have to pay $500 and up for a pair of shoes in order to step out fashionably and proudly?

I've also been hit by the anti-frugal boo-birds. I own shoes that range from expensive handmade leather shoes from Italy (steep discount at Marshall's) to pumps from Payless. One day, I really looked pretty decent and a label-conscious Fashionista raved about my shoes.

Fashionista: Cute shoes! Where did you get them?
Me: (Internal debate over possible answers: A small store in South Beach or Payless? Honesty wins out.)

Me: Ummm....Payless, you know, the one in South Beach.
Fashionista: (Face registers shock, then disgust) Oh. Well. Those shoes do have a little too much hardware on them!

Stage Direction: Fashionista walks away with attitude. I study my shoes: Too much hardware? Do they look cheap? But why didn't they look cheap when she thought they were Manolo Blanik ($500 to $795 and up per pair)

That's an honest, almost word-for-word transcript of my encounter. Likewise, here are the comments from the anti-thrift crowd at TMZ:

"SHE [Brooke]is disgusting.
but its not like she doesnt have the money to shop at high end stores.
this is part of the hogan marketing. be caught at cheap stores to attract the middle class american trash to buy into her and get her cds kinda like they did with jessica simpson."

And here's another commenter:

Fortunately, there were a few voices of sanity, like "Bogart,"

I just don't get why it is "abnormal" for a celebrity to shop in a run-of-the-mill-standard-store? What is the big deal about this?. . ???. . . Personally I think it is cool. . to me it says they are NOT better then us, just because they have money it does NOT mean they have to spend a $1000 on a purse that anyone can buy for $24.95. . true they can but they don't have too!

Besides I think it is good for the younger generation to see you can go to run-of-the-mill-standard-store & buy products & still look nice. . too much the celebs do is put in the public eyes & too many of the people are thinking they need or should have that too.

Anyhow my point. . she was in a Pay-Less store shopping. .& your point?



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