Thursday, December 28, 2006

A Guide to Fixing Your Life in 2007

Note to self: Back up your cell phone directory, borrow money (if really needed) from or , investigate new college savings plans (529s) for my kids and learn how to recycle old electronic gadgets.

Today's Wall Street Journal has an excellent round-up of tips for improving our lives in 2007. The Headline is "Our Reporters Strategies for Saving and Time and Money," and the piece is a collection of ideas from different WSJ reporters, so it reads something line a best-of section. The tip sheet reminds me of Dumb Little Man, a site that I adore.

My personal mission is simple for 2007; I'm on a major clutter-busting expedition. Of course, paper is an occupational hazard for a writer (even in Cyberspace), but I've lost too much time and money to disorganization and clutter.

I have the best success with goals if I just target one major area and concentrate on that project. That's why, I've been reading 500 Terrific Ideas for Organizing Everything by Sheree Bykofsky.

I purchased it several years ago and I am finally getting around to actually using it. I picked up the book at a B&N remainders bin, but it's available online for less than $2 at some online vendors.

Here's the link to my story about the book.



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hustlermoneyblog said...

Your site is great. I like all the advice and tips. If you like to add my website to your blogroll, I would be happy to do the same. thanks

Kelly Bejelly said...

I'm all about getting organized this year. I have boxes full of financial papers just calling my name.