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Updated Version of the Festival of Frugality!

**Festival of Frugality: Updated with additional comments and links!***

Wow! The Frugal Holiday Gift guide (Plus More!) is here at the Festival of Frugality. Personally, I feel so smart this morning, because I have been reading Festival entries. I've separated the entries into bite-sized categories: Back to Basics, Food, Holiday Shopping/Saving; Generic Shopping, Medicine, Cars/Gas/Energy, Green Living and more.

Plus there is a huge money management section. Thanks to everyone who contributed to the festival and to my education. Thanks to Jim of Blueprint for Financial Prosperity for letting me host.

The posts were great and I have something to say about each one. Next week's FOF host: Penny Nickel of Money and Values.

Back-to-Basics/General Frugal Living

David presents Sometimes the simple things can save the most money. posted at My Two Dollars.
Comment: I really enjoyed this piece about a simplified life. It's a keeper!

Money Walks presents 50 Smart Money Tips That You Never Want to Avoid posted at Money Walks.
FD comment: Great roundup of frugal living! I'm clipping this one.


Car, Gas & Home Energy Tips

Joe Caterisano presents 13 ways to save on gasoline posted at penny pinching.
comment: Short,informative list with gas-saving tips!

The Frugal Law Student presents Share a Ride, Share a Smile posted at The Frugal Law Student.
Comment: Thoughtful piece about ditching the expense of an extra car! I'm a big fan of public transportation, so I loved this one. It comes with thoughts and numbers.

FMF presents Simple Tip to Save on Heating Costs posted at Free Money Finance.
Comment: Sweet, short piece on the energy value of space heaters and ac room units.


The Food Aisle

Nina presents Save Money by Cutting Down on Food Waste posted at Queercents.
Comment: Loved, loved this piece about wasted food. Lots to chew on!

Mom in Israel presents The wonders of cholent posted at A Mother in Israel.
Comment: This is a yummy story about one of my favorite food dishes. My family eats cholent almost every Sabbath! (Saturday) B"H!!

Binary Dollar presents 7 Ways To Eat Cheap In The City posted at Binary Dollar.
Comment: Super wonderful tips about saving money while dining out. I highly recommend this list for travelers or for those with out-of-town guests.


Holiday Gift Guides & Season Savings Plans

Jeremy Waller presents 6 Tips For Frugal Gift Giving posted at WallerBlog.com - Simple Financial Advice.
comment: super list; quick list with helpful gifting and re-gifting tips.

Golbguru presents Don?t Like Your Gift Cards? Trade Them Or Sell Them For Cash posted at Money, Matter, and More Musings.
Comment: Oooh! I like this one also and would like to interview the author for a print column!

Dean presents Mr. Cheap Stuff posted at Mr. Cheap Stuff.
Comment: There's a lot of frugal wisdom in this piece about paying for holiday presents with a cheap strategy. This post gives lots of dignity to the word "Cheap!"

Ryan C. Fleming presents Money In The Bank posted at Bryan C. Fleming.
FD comment: Solid how-to and why-for about Christmas Club savings accounts.

Penny Nickel presents Frugal gift-giving: holiday cookies with a personal twist! posted at Money and Values
Comment: An outside the box guide to creating and gifting unusual cookies. Take a bite out of this post.

Frugal Babe presents
More Christmas non-shopping
Comment: Great tips about making and finding frugal holiday card options.

Shopping Bag Tips & Retail Therapies

Silicon Valley Blogger presents A Fantasy Shopping Experiment posted at The Digerati Life.
Comment: I enjoyed this fantasy shopping trip. It's a real exercise in mind over matter. Check it out.

Stephanie presents My shopping trip posted at Stop the Ride.
Comment: I loved this piece about shopping and sell stuff at re-sale shops.

Scott On Money presents Internet Shopping Bargain Challenge posted at Scott On Money.
Comment: Shopping with Scott is fun on the Internet. Plus, he makes a good argument about comparison shopping.

Ben presents Shopping Your Way Out of Debt posted at Money Smart Life.
Comment: This blogger offers a challenge and a game. Super strategy for having your cake and saving it too.

Trent presents Hot Tips On Thrifty Shopping From... The New Yorker?! posted at The Simple Dollar.
Comment: You have to love a blogger who pulls frugal tips out of the New Yorker. I'm going to hang out here.

Yan presents Amazon shopping tips and hacks posted at ProBargainHunter.com.
Comment: Wow! This is an excellent on-line shopping guide. It's one of the best I've seen with real insider tips.

Lazy Man and Money presents Ebay on the Razor?s Edge posted at Lazy Man and Money.
Comment: A concete example of how one frugal man shopped on eBay and saved.

Family Issues

Jane Chin PhD presents What Causes Elderly Parents to Get into Debt? posted at Parents in Debt.
Comment: Insightful tips about older parents & money. Excellent!

Green Living

Clink presents $.05: What do rodents and shredders have in common... posted at Coins On The Pavement.
Comment: Very funny piece about re-using material. Recycle!

Medicine & Insurance

Dr Kavokin presents Insurance Expert Discusses Health Care Crisis. Sort of. posted at RDoctor Medical Portal.
Comment: An insiders view about soaring health care costs with some practical suggestions.

Wenchypoo presents “All I Know I Learned Way Back in Medical School” Part Four: The Financial Ties That Bind posted at Wisdom from Wenchypoo's Mental Wastebasket.
Comment: An inside look at the money side of drug companies and doctors. Ouch! Those conflicts of interest could hurt us all.


Money Management

Sagar Satapathy presents 101 Financial Tips you Never Learned in High School (but should have) posted at Bankruptcy Reader.
Comment: I wish I read this one in High School. I wish I wrote this also! Great Read.

Joe Caterisano presents How To Budget Your Money posted at penny pinching.
Comment: Helpful list of frugal strategies

Barbra Sundquist presents Outsmart Credit Card Companies at Their Own Game posted at HomeBusinessWiz.
Comment: Great credit card strategies for business owners and consumers.

andy presents Smart ways to save money in a divorce posted at exchange-ingredients.
Comment: Very insightful piece with a link about money & love.

And Finally...

Madeleine Begun Kane presents Ode To Prosperity posted at Mad Kane's Humor Blog.
Comment: Clever poem!


The Frugal Duchess Boutique


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