Sunday, December 31, 2006

Help! I Can't Pay My Bills: A New Book for 2007

Setting do-able goals for 2007, tops my agenda. With that to-do list in mind, I interviewed the author of Help! I Can't Pay My Bills for a few financial tips. We had a fun chat that developed into my latest column in the Miami Herald.

The problem is poor preparation, said Sally Herigstad, a certified public accountant and author of a forthcoming book titled Help! I Can't Pay My Bills (St. Martin's Press/2007, $13.95).

Many families jump into goal-setting and budget-planning sessions without a detailed review of household expenses, Herigstad said. She has met families who have incorrectly estimated their monthly grocery bills and other basic expenses. That creates a major cash flow problem.

''We know that we are sometimes short of money, but we don't know why,'' she said.

Source: Making Ends Meet, (by shr) Miami Herald



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