Friday, December 22, 2006

Boxing with Rocky for Creative Retirement Income

Rocky Balboa -- that aged boxer-- is a fantasy role model for finding income in retirement years.

That's the word from BusinessWeek, which has this thoughtful piece about finding creative income during our senior years.

"This holiday season's massively hyped Sylvester Stallone movie, Rocky Balboa, finds the aging boxer -- and the actor who plays him -- beefing up their retirement accounts with one last return to the ring (wife Adrian, alas, isn't around to share the popular pugilist's golden years). Right now, many of the 77 million Americans nearing their golden years may be hoping for a similar yuletide miracle." --BusinessWeek

My retirement plan includes this menu of options:

1) Continue to Write, but taking only select assignments.

2) Tapping into teaching income as an adjunct professor.

3) Earning income from investments in real estate and the capital markets.

4) Working at an upscale bookstore that offers health care benefits, discounts on books and access to great parties in the publishing industry.

5) Become a Yoga teacher for senior citizens.



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