Wednesday, September 12, 2007

How Saving $2 Fixed My Brain: Happy New Year

I've never been diagnosed as ADD of ADHD, but if I could still for the battery of tests, I'm pretty sure they'd declare me a poster child for adult attention deficit, hyper-style. Or maybe I just multi-task too much or move too quickly. I'm too busy to really evaluate those issues or to pay someone lots of money to tell me what I already know: My creative brain is organizationally-challenged and overloaded with commitments.

But my $2 a Day Savings Challenge has delivered a new order to my hyper-drive brain waves. Here's how:

1) Better housekeeping skills. I count the small change. In short, I've tapped into the value of hyper focus. Quite frankly, some days I'm not really sure if I have honestly met my $2 a day savings target.

So then I walk around my house trying to collect $2 worth of change and in that driven pursuit of loose metal, I also tidy my house. For instance, when I pick up a quarter near the bar, I might also straighten up the newspaper pile or toss out the old store flyers. On my dresser, I've collected dimes and put away the folded clothes.

It's like collecting small tips for housework.

2) Improved diet: Confession: I'm a size 2. But this summer after working on a book project (The Frugal Duchess of South Beach; Spring 2008, DPL Press), I've gained a small bit of weight. I still wear a size 2, but only the size twos that are sold in expensive stores, where they flatter you into thinking that you are a size 2, when maybe you're a 4 or a 6 or 8 & up.

Now before the $2 a day challenge, if you asked me how I gained this weight, I would have been clueless. I do yoga and I eat tofu. But I eat lots of donuts, chips and ice cream. And that's why I can't fit into my real size 2 skirts anymore and have to wear those bigger size twos. I spend too much money on junk food! Bottom line: By trying to save an extra $2 a day, I realized that I am a junk food addict and have improved my eating habits.

3) Better organization: We lost my son's dress pants before my parents' gala 50th anniversary celebration in late August, when relatives and friends from five states were in Central Florida to meet my kids for the first time. And my teenage son only had his below-the-no belt line, below-the-knees, hip-hop shorts (very cute) to wear and it was really my fault. If we were better organized, we would not have had to purchase last-minute black dress pants and shirt for about $40 at Target.

The push to save $2 a day has made me realize that my chronic disorganization has cost us a bundle. What's more, we almost broke my mom's heart because her grandchildren almost looked like poor orphans and thugs at a major family event. The story has a happy ending because we all looked picture perfect and happy at the party.

4) Self-edit: I talk too much. I should save more and talk less. And on that note, I'm going to hit the self-edit button and say that saving $2 a day has made me slow down, pay attention and keep better track of words and money.

I'm off this line through Saturday night to Celebrate Rosh HaShanah (The New Year!).
Greetings to all!


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