Thursday, December 06, 2007

$75,000 Robot & Top 10 Expensive Gifts w/Photos & Frugal Tips

One expert on self-made millionaires has issued his own list (with eye-popping photos) of the most extravagant holiday gifts and his advice: Forget the hype & shop within a real budget. It's a fun list with great visuals. (see below) I have one question: Who buys this stuff???

Here's the guest post with photos, prices and tips (after the photos):

"Americans are expected to dish out a staggering $474.5 billion this year on Christmas shopping, according to the National Retail Federation (NRF). Jim Trippon, CPA and one of America’s foremost authorities on the money habits of self-made millionaires, has released his annual list of the most expensive gifts to give your loved ones this holiday season.

“Here is Trippon’s annual top 10 list of the most expensive holiday gifts for 2007:

1. Bugatti Veyron - $1.7 million

2. Neil Lane 15 Carat Diamond Earrings - $750,000

3. Runco 103-Inch Plasma Display- $99,995

4. Swami Conversational Robot - $75,000

5. Tiffany &Co. 109.73 Kunzite Bow Brooch - $74,500

6. Vertu 7.2 Carat Pink and White Diamond Phone - $73,000

7. Fendi Selleria Bag - $38,000

8. 1-Degree North Pole Dogsled Expedition - $37,500

9. Serendipity Frrrozen Haute Chocolate - $25,000

10. Friends of Cashmere Classic Pet Bed - $399

Trippon's Advice:

"Each year it seems that American’s top themselves in spending for Christmas,” says Trippon, “If you can afford the best without going into debt, that’s great! But I think most people forget that this holiday is about being in the right spirit, not getting overloaded with debt, which often produces money arguments the rest of the year.”
The NRF said that Americans plan to spend an average of $923.36 in total this year, up 3.7 percent from the previous year’s statistics. Given the credit card rates that are often at 24 percent and assuming minimum payments, Trippon says that this year’s holiday shopping will cost the average consumer closer to $6458.87 when interest and finance charges are included.

Trippon believes that people avoid arguing about finances when they take the time to become educated about money together.

“Get real and deal with your budget,” says Trippon, “Be honest with each other about your money habits and come up with a plan to spend it as a couple. It will improve your love life!”

Trippon is the author of the Amazon best-seller, How Millionaires Stay Rich Forever: Retirement planning Secrets of Millionaires and How They Can Work For You and the upcoming title China Stock Guru.



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Joseph Ferrara. Sellsius said...

It is amazing what some people will pay for even conventional items like a cell phone. There is a $1 million dollar one out there. It seems many manufacturers advertise over the top priced goods just for the publicity.
Here is a compilation of the world's most expensive "stuff".