Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Frugal & Green Rx for Post-Holiday Cabin Fever

Scenario: Post-holiday sugar buzz and everyone in your house is feeling a litte crazy. Solution: Cheap & green activities from the National Wildlife Federation. This guest post provides great info and a great link to frugal outdoor fun.

Cabin Fever Solution

"Bundle everyone up and head outside for some time with nature. There are lots of fun outdoor activities that will provide relief for that cooped up and over-stuffed feeling.

Don’t know where to go, no problem. The National Wildlife Federation has teamed up with NatureFind™ to provide a quick and easy way to find many of the green places in your community including regional, state and national parks – and some private parks and nature centers as well.

You just plug in your zip code and NatureFind will display a list of wild places near-by including a web link to each locale, the distance from your house, and the recreational opportunities available at each location. Even when your holiday travels take you to Grandma’s house or friends in new cities, you can pull up the information and head outside into Mother Nature’s winter wonderland.

The National Wildlife Federation’s Green Hour™ web site provides lots of suggestions for things to do when you get outside including animal tracking, catching snowflakes, filling bird feeders and watching for feathered friends to visit, or organizing a winter scavenger hunt. Many of these activities can take place no further than outside your back door.

And when your kids rave about the good time they had outdoors during the holidays, make it a New Year’s resolution to give them a Green Hour every day in the new year. Their stress levels will go down while their imaginations soar. They will become fitter and leaner while their immune systems grow stronger. Check out NWF’s Green Hour and Nature Find at"
source: NWF
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