Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Holiday Family Activities & More at Carnival of Family Life

Limiting the holiday advertising pull on our kids is one of several excellent posts at the Carnival of Family Life #3, which is hosted by The So Called Me. It's a fun lineup of stories, including several with a holiday themes and frugal holiday activities for families. Thanks to the host for including one of my posts.

Here are a few articles that caught my eye. Please visit the carnival, there are really some super holiday stories in the mix.

From Being Frugal.net: 5 Ways to Keep the Gimmes Away This Christmas. I like the tips about limiting kids' exposure to marketing pitches on the TV. Being Frugal even recommends tossing the toy catalogues that are stuffed everywhere like Thanksgiving turkey.

Isabelle Boulay presents The 5 Warning Signs of Staph Infection Should be Known by All Parents posted at Medopdedia. This one touches a nerve. My daughter had a few blisters on her thumb. Of course, with the recent bout of staph infection in our region of the country, she was sent right to the pediatrician's office. Not to worry; her thumb was just bruised. But we should all be familiar with the symptoms. This is a helpful post.

Tiffany Colter presents Don’t know what you’ve got, till you get it back. posted at Writing Career Coach.This is another keeper, I really enjoyed this refreshing post. It made me really think about all of the people, circumstances and gifts that I have taken for granted.

The Baglady presents The Cost of Living in Paradise Redux - A Financial Project All Young People Could Do posted at The Baglady. This post involves a school project in Hawaii, but the lessons in budgeting are applicable to all of us.

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