Monday, December 03, 2007

Sean Taylor, Brad Pitt & Other News: A Round-Up

From Brad Pitt's green buildings to a cheap & sweet cold cure, here are a few of the news stories that caught my eye today.

News & Sports
Thousands attend funeral for Redskins star Taylor: A very tragic story for Miami, the NFL and and the family of football star Sean Taylor. In addition to a story about crime, greed and violence, there's another sad tale about the dangers of rushing to judgment. The initial reports about Taylor's murder were very biased and seemed to place the blame on the victim. Many news accounts stressed Taylor's past problems and seemed to link his past woes with his murder. However, he was a victim of a break-in.

Dan Le Batard of the Miami Herald wrote a thoughtful piece about the media and the biased early reports about Taylor's murder. Media Failed with Taylor Coverage.

Can Climate Change Without US Involvement?: The long-term costs of global warming are staggering.

Twin Falls Times-NewsDespite blown chances, Eagles still thinking playoffs My parents are Phila. Eagles fans. I listen to the Miami Dolphins on the radio. OMG! They are 0-12: Falling flat again

Honey works best to calm kids' coughs, study finds This frugal, low-risk option also works in my house. Peppermint tea with (lots of lemon and honey) is also soothing. Besides, some of the cough medicines are expensive for parents and dangerous for kids.

Peanut Allergies Showing Up At Much Earlier Ages

Entertainment News:
Two example of how money and fame can be used for good works.

Brad Pitt building green homes in New Orleans:

Leno To Pay Laid-Off Staff -

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Evorgleb said...

The whole Sean Taylor thing is so disturbing to me. Especially after finding out that the suspects are so young.

Another writer over at Highbrid Nation did a nice peice on how some in the media want to blame hip hop for Taylor's death. Which is crazy if you ask me.

It'd be nice if we can stop the finger pointing and come up with some real solutions to help our lost youth.

Frugal Duchess said...


You raise very valid and thoughtful points. The finger-pointing is discouraging.

I wish, also, that we had long-term solutions to poverty and crime.

Socially, it's the right thing to do and economically the long-term costs of crime and punishment are much higher than education and training programs.

Thanks for writing. Thanks for mentioning that piece in hybrid nation. I plan to check it out.

Take care!