Friday, December 07, 2007

Love & Long Distance Rates: My Weekly Reading List

From holiday budget busters to calculating the cost of long-distance love, there were some great posts this week. Here are a few that caught my eye:

From AllFinancialMatters: Question of the Day - Holiday Budget Busters By just reading this post, I became a more mindful spender. Check out the various comments.

From Free Money Finance: Should You Get Paid Less to Telecommute? No! As a work-at-home writer, I actually work longer hours than I did when I was on a corporate payroll. This post includes very thoughtful comments.

From My Two Dollars: Make New Year’s Resolution To Get Organized - A Step By Step Guide. As an organizationally-challenged person, I operate on only two speeds: ADD or OCD.
This post offers a great guide.

From Mapgirl's Fiscal Challenge: Best Way to Use Up Medical FSA Funds A smart, smart list from one of my favorite bloggers. Hint: medical supplies & FSA Funds. Check her out!

From My Open Wallet: How Things Change: My Wacky Phone Spending This is a wonderful piece that links a money issue with personal reflections about a long-distance relationship. A great read!

From An English Major's Money: Just a Thought Boring job vs possible teaching career and subsidized-degree program. This post examines the fine points and options related to an unfulfilling job.

From Consumerist: 40 Million Americans Cannot Afford Needed Heath Care Says CDC [Health] I read this post with great interest.



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My Two Dolllars said...

Thanks for the mention!

mapgirl said...

Thanks for the link Sharon! If there was other stuff I could add, I'd probably start putting things like OTC medications like Pepto Bismol, antacids, Tylenol, but I tried to stay focused on items with a long-shelf life. (You can guess that I had a need to Pepto Bismol this week and realized I didn't have any in my first aid kit!)

Frugal Duchess said...

@my two dollars: Thanks for stopping by

@mapgirl: Thanks for the additions!
Great list