Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Good Karma & Lost Wallets: A Pay Back Story

During our recent travels, we found a wallet with cards, cash and other documents at a gas station. No problem. We looked around for the owner. He was not in the station or the convenience store.

Using an insurance card that was tucked into one of the compartments, we were able to track down the wallet's owner. (His insurance agent made the call and connection.) His father stopped by our home to pick up the wallet last week.

The wallet belonged to a young man and his father (late 50s-early 60s) told us this story:

When his son was a boy, the father and son were on a cruise ship from the Port of Miami, where the father worked. While hanging out with his dad, the boy found a wallet containing $600 in cash. The boy -- like any kid -- was excited about finding such treasure, but the father insisted that the boy return the wallet and all of the cash.

What's more, he didn't want his son to take a reward for finding the wallet stuffed with bills.
"One day, you'll lose your wallet and someone will return it to you," the father said.

Earlier this week, the father shared that story with me when he came to my home to pick up his son's wallet. He thanked us for returning the item and for paying back the good deed his son had done years ago. The scenario proved the father right. Good Karma, he said.

As we parted, he asked for the spelling of our names and he wanted to verify our zip code and apartment address. Today we received a gold Hallmark Thank You note in the mail from the son.

"Thank you for returning my wallet. This wallet is everything to me. Thank you so much for being honest......Happy Holidays! ---Michael R."



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Marcus Aurelius said...

Honesty! A society loves it!

Anyway I saw a similar story on The Twilight Zone. A guy shows up at a house and delivers a package. The couple is told if they open the package they will receive a large sum of money, but some random and unknown person will die as a result of their opening the package.

Days go by and husband and wife debate & quibble with themselves and each other about it. They finally decide to open the box. Sure enough, the next day dude arrives with the cash.

The woman asks what is to happen to the package. Dudes says, oh we will deliver it to someone else who does not know you. ;-|

Frugal Duchess said...

That sounds like a wild episode.
I'll have to watch it.

I appreciate the narrative. Thanks!
Take Care,