Wednesday, December 05, 2007

6 More Signs of Sloppy Money or Financial Daze

A Momma and the Boys Living on a Budget has an excellent post about sloppy money: My own list includes Windfall Retirement Fantasies.

Here's another list with signs of a financial daze or clueless money management.

1. Overstuffed wardrobe.Your closet is filled with new clothes with tags that you have forgotten about.

2. Unopened mail: You believe in the don't look/don't owe strategy of bill paying.

3. No-choice restaurant meals: You can't afford groceries so you charge restaurant meals on credit cards.

4. Minimum charge spending list: You shop on credit and buy more than you need or want because you don't have cash and have to buy enough to meet the minimum credit-card purchase amount.

5. Windfall Retirement Planning: You're not saving for retirement because you believe in found-money in the form of:1) a real estate sale or quick investment gains; 2) successful invention, deal or other sudden-rich move; 3) jackpot, successful lawsuit; 4) large cash gift from a relative or other one-time, special situation bonuses.

6. Unchecked credit score: It's bad, so why bother; why check? Why care?

I also wrote about signs of secret debt in this post.



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Marcus Aurelius said...

Here is another signs of financial sleepwalking:

Using the expense checks from your company as mad money rather than paying off the credit card one originally put the expenses on.

Frugal Duchess said...

That's a good one! So true.
Thanks for adding to the list.